About us

Spirit of Challenge

Vinton Steel, LLC is a mini-mill that produces steel with EAF technology and uses ferrous scrap as a primary raw material.
The steel making facility consists of two electric arc furnaces, continuous casting and rolling mill, recycling more than 250,000 tons per year.
Automobiles, major household appliances, industrial scrap and other forms of salvaged steel are converted into new steel products in our plant.

Operations include scrap processing facilities, a steel mill, rolling mill, and a grinding ball mill.

More than 400 employees

We specialize in producing Reinforcing Steel Bars (rebars), Grinding Steel Balls and Smooth Steel Rounds for the Industrial Construction and Mining Industry.


Vinton Steel Geographic location

  • Ideally positioned to serve growing construction markets in the Southwestern U.S. and Northern Mexico. Key “Sunbelt” location.
  • Highly attractive labor dynamics. Skilled labor employment pool from U.S. and Mexico. High value, motivated workforce.
  • Owned scrap yard and direct local dealer supply draws from Southwestern U.S. and Northern Mexico. Provides an 80% scrap self-sufficiency at full production.
  • Competitive transportation cost advantage for targeted end-markets compared to producers in other regions.

The Mission

As a steel recycler and producer of rebar and grinding balls, we at Vinton Steel are committed to creating value and fulfilling the needs of our customers, employees, communities, and shareholders by enforcing our core values, providing safe and secure operations, and delivering high-quality steel products through excellent customer service at a competitive price.

The Vision

At Vinton Steel, we strive towards running an efficient and cost-effective mini-mill operation that specializes in rebar and grinding ball production. Our vision is to become leaders in the steel industry by achieving higher levels of performance, organizational excellence, sustained profits, and continuous business growth while meeting and exceeding our industry standards.

Our Values

To achieve organizational excellence and sustained success we are committed to a set of values, beliefs, and practices that define who we are and how we will conduct business at Vinton Steel.

The safety, health, and wellbeing of our employees, are a top priority at Vinton Steel. Every day, we are committed to creating a culture that promotes and improves the safety of our workplace. It is our commitment and dedication to instill a safety and accident prevention mindset across all levels of the organization and to help our employees understand their roles and responsibilities to achieve a safe work environment.

At Vinton Steel, we work each day to create and maintain an atmosphere of trust and transparency across all levels of the organization. We achieve this by honoring our commitments, understanding and enforcing our rules and policies, and by being responsible for our actions, behaviors, and decisions.

At Vinton Steel, our main focus is to follow a process that will deliver consistent quality and satisfaction for all of our customers. We believe that the secret to delivering consistent quality in our products starts by clearly understanding our customers’ needs and providing a creative, efficient, and effective solution to meet those needs.

As a leading manufacturer of steel products, we have the duty and responsibility to respect and protect the environment and the health of our communities. In order to fulfill our environmental responsibilities, we continually:

  • Evaluate and review our production procedures to ensure that they comply with environmental laws and regulations.
  • Educate and promote environmental responsibilities with our employees.
  • Review and evaluate our progress toward our environmental targets and follow up with effective compliance initiatives.

At Vinton Steel, it is our goal to achieve a culture of unity and trust where all employees feel supported and encouraged to meet their goals. The secret to our success lies in our ability to help all departments within the company understand that when we work together, we can achieve more.